1. Booking through the Website is subject to the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully on all terms, as any use of the Website and in particular any product order and / or package offered for purchase on the Website constitutes a final and irrevocable notice on your part that you have read, understand and that you agree to the terms contained in these Terms.
  2. The provisions of these By-Laws apply equally to members of both sexes. The use of masculine pronouns is for convenience only.
  3. In any case of conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and any other publications, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail for all intents and purposes.
  4. In any situation of inconsistency and / or conflict between any other publications and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail for all intents and purposes. No presentation and / or information of any kind will be provided in this matter, except by way of the express change of these regulations and its publication.
  5. If NH BAGS (hereinafter: “the Company”) deviates from the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in a particular case, this will not constitute a precedent or a binding practice in any form and will not be such as to oblige the Company to act in the same or similar manner in any other case.
  6. The company may from time to time change the rules of the site through the publication of the amended rules on the site, at its sole discretion.
  7. Reservations may be made on the website for persons aged 16 and over, who have a valid identity card and a valid credit card on the day the debit is made, which can be cleared by one of the credit companies operating in Israel legally.
  8. The company’s computer records regarding the operations carried out through the site constitute a clear view of the details of the operations and the planning.
  9. The company may prevent a visitor to the site or any customer, regular or occasional, from purchasing or placing orders from the company temporarily or permanently, at the sole discretion of the company and without giving prior notice or warning.
  10. Without derogating from the above, the company may, by virtue of its position as director and owner of the site, prevent a visitor to the site from purchasing a product from its products or ordering an order in any of the following cases:
  • If a visitor to the Site intentionally provided incorrect information.
  • If a visitor to the Site has committed an act or omission that harms or
  • is likely to harm the Company or any third parties.
  • If a visitor to the site has used the site or the company’s services in order to commit an illegal act or in order to assist, enable or encourage the commission of such an act.
  • If a visitor to the site violated the terms of this agreement or any other agreement with the company and / or anyone on its behalf and if he acted unfairly towards the company and / or anyone on its behalf that does not amount to a breach of contract.
  • If a visitor to the site refrains from paying illegally for a product purchased from the company or for an order, he ordered from the company whether through this site or through any other means.
  • If a site visitor’s credit card has been restricted or blocked for use in any way.

Regarding links (“links”) that appear on the site to other sites and also regarding advertisements that appear on the site other than the products offered on it: the company will not bear any responsibility for their content, quality, information published on them or any other details related to them. The company will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, insofar as it is caused as a result of relying on the information appearing in the services that you access through connectivity or any other publication on the company’s website

11.How to place orders on the website:

  1. In order to purchase a product or order a service in any of the sales methods on the site, you must register on the site or purchase through a one-time entry.
  2. When making a purchase you must provide the credit card information as required on the purchase page.
  3. The transactions on the site are secured with SSL technology, the most advanced technology in the field of information security. By using this technology the information regarding the personal details in general and the credit card details in particular, is encrypted and secured.
  4. The Company is not responsible in any way for any malfunctions, due to improper performance of the services related to service providers, or due to factors related to force majeure.
  5. The customer will be able to order the product at the given price until the end of the product from the company’s stock.
  6. As long as the payment has not been paid in full and the product is not in the customer’s possession, there may be a change in the price. The final price is the price in the company’s offices only.
  7. The Company may change the price of the products and services, their specifications and any details thereof from time to time, at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice.
  8. The photos and presentations on the site are for illustration purposes only.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that a precondition for the purchase of a certain order from the company, whether through the website or in any other way, is the credit card company’s approval of the terms of the transaction.

12.The ordering procedure

  1. Once your purchase offer has been accepted, you will receive confirmation of this on the “My Shopping” page. This approval does not oblige the company to provide the ordered services.
  2. Only after you have finished checking your credit card details and received the credit card company’s approval to make the purchase and the approval of the order center is received will your offer be considered feasible. After the approval of the credit card company, the company will act in the procedures for transferring the documents to you, which only upon receipt will the transaction be valid.

13.Wrong order

  1. In order for the company to be able to deliver the product / s you have chosen to purchase, your offer must be accepted and recorded on the company’s computers in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the delivery of the products and your billing. Various reasons may cause malfunctions and disruptions in the acceptance of your offer and processing by the company. If you receive a message about incorrect content in the details of your offer or a message about a malfunction that occurred in the system while receiving your offer, we recommend that you contact our customer service.
  2. If there is an exceptional and clear disruption and / or error in the description of the product and / or service, their price or any other detail, the company will be entitled to cancel your purchase and you will not be charged for any payment for your canceled offer.
  3. If you provide incorrect identification information when placing your order, the company will not be able to guarantee that the products will reach you. Please be sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details. Submission of false personal details is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code, 5737-1977 and / or any law.

14.Means of payment

  1. You can pay with a valid credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies that operate legally in Israel. Your card number and details will be required to be entered in the space provided.
  2. After entering the credit card details as stated above, they will be transferred to the credit card company, for the purpose of obtaining approval to make the charge for the purchase of the product / s. After receiving the confirmation, your order will be processed and handled by the company, which will send you the documents for the orders ordered by you. If no approval is received from the credit card company to make the charge for the purchase of the product / s, you will be notified, in which you will be asked to arrange the full payment for the orders within seven (7) days, to the full satisfaction of the company and / or credit card company. Should the payment not be settled as stated within seven days, the Company will be entitled to cancel your order at its sole discretion.


  1. The personal details that you provided and will provide when you make offers for the purchase of product (s) and / or service orders (s), as well as the details of the purchases you will make in the future, will be stored in the company’s database. The company will not transfer your personal details to anyone other than the suppliers, just to complete the purchase operations you have made on the site. Although by law you are not required to provide us with your personal details, we will not be able to process your order if we do not receive it.
  2. The company may send you an e-mail, contact you in writing or in person with any information regarding the company’s promotions, innovations in the product catalog in particular and on the website in general, advertisements from selected commercial entities, etc., if you have indicated that you are interested in receiving this information by marking “V” in a statement on the website.Accordingly, you will use the information you provide for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and passing it on to other parties. In this case, the data will not refer to you personally or identify you.


  1. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the company’s server through your browser, on the hard drive of the computer you are using. The cookies do not contain information that personally identifies you and you can adjust your browser software so that you refuse to accept them. The use of cookies allows us to provide you with a fast and efficient service and will save you the need to enter your personal details at any time in the future.

17.Prices and payments

  1. Your charge will be made using the credit card whose details you provided, at the stated price of the service as it appears on the sales page, but this is subject to the final approval of the order center.
  2. All prices listed on the sales page include VAT.

18.Cancellation of purchase and return of products

  1. The ordered products are customized and therefore it will not be possible to return them and / or receive a refund and / or credit for them after their production.
  2. In cases of cancellation of a transaction, you may cancel the order 2 business days before the delivery of the product.
  3. Credit card cancellation will be charged with 5% from the total purchase amount.
  4. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, in any case of dissatisfaction with the product you are welcome to contact the company’s customer service.

19.Law and Judgment

The law applicable to this site and all uses thereof, as well as to these regulations, is Israeli law only. The unique jurisdiction for any matter and dispute is given to the competent courts in the Tel Aviv District in Israel only.